Meet Nadine

The Gluten Free RN is your resource for gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

I am available for:

  • Private consultations
  • Presentations
  • Seminars for health care professionals

The Gluten Free RN office, located at 215 SW 4th Street in downtown Corvallis, Oregon.  My office is full of helpful resources to guide you through your journey to lead a gluten-free life. Stop by or call to schedule a consultation with me during my office hours.

Why I care about gluten intolerance and celiac disease:

I had been an RN in Oregon for 18 years, working in emergency departments and trauma centers throughout the state. In November 2006, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. By that time I thought I would be dead in six months or less. I was 40 years old. I saw and worked with multiple doctors, and still could not figure out what was killing me.

Within two weeks of being on a gluten-free diet, I felt much better. By February 2007, I started RN On Call, my own business. In March 2007, I became a gluten intolerance/celiac disease educator.

I can save more people with this information than I ever could have saved in the emergency department.