Gluten Free in Paradise: Tahiti & the Society Islands

Join the Gluten Free RN in paradise for a 7 night cruise in Tahiti & the Society Islands beginning July 20, 2019 aboard the m/s...

/ October 8, 2018
Cruise the Rhine aboard the AmaKristina

7-night Enchanting Rhine Cruise

Cruise the Rhine River with the Gluten Free RN in August, 2019!

/ October 8, 2018

What & Where I Eat: A Q&A on Re-Find Health

I recently had the pleasure of answering a few questions on Re-Find Health about how I handle eating out at restaurants as well as what...

/ April 8, 2018

Baking Recommendation

Recently here at the Gluten Free RN, we purchased Annalise G. Roberts Gluten-Free Baking Classics. We have quite a collection of gluten free cookbooks so...

/ March 16, 2016

The Best “Bang for Your Buck” Cookbook!

Tammy Credicott of Bend, Oregon recently released the cookbook The Healthy Gluten Free Life  – By far this is the best, biggest cookbook we have ever had...

/ March 16, 2016

Paleo Indulgences Review

Tammy Credicott has done it again! After months of eating our way through The Healthy Gluten Free Life, Tammy Credicott has come out with yet...

/ March 16, 2016

YOUR Gluten Free Story

Please share your story with us… Our goal is to spread the word of the many faces of Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance. In order to do...

/ March 7, 2016

Chloe Marie: The Amazing Gluten Free Dog

Five years ago when I began looking for a dog I knew I had found the right one when I found Chloe.  She was adorable,...

/ March 7, 2016

Heidi’s Story: “A is for Anxiety”

Heidi lines her kitchen table with a virtual pharmacy of prescription pill bottles; celexa for sadness, ritalin for restlessness, ativan for anxiety, depakote for dark...

/ March 7, 2016

Claire’s Story

Claire fiddles with a napkin, folding and unfolding it, while telling me the story of Her and Food.  “I guess you could say I was...

/ March 7, 2016