Gluten Free & Paleo Resources

As many of you know here at the office we are huge fans of the Paleo diet. Recently, we have had a lot of questions regarding resources and recipes. Below we have compiled a list of a few of our favorite Paleo resources. All of the books listed we have available in the office, feel free to stop by and use them as a resource!

Blogs & Websites:
Re-Find Health
Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
Dr. Terry Wahls
Balanced Bites
Grass Fed Girl
Paleo on a Budget
Robb Wolf

Primal Fat Burner – Nora Gedgaudas
Primal Body – Primal Mind – Nora Gedgaudas
The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf

Paleo Magazine

Recipe Websites:
Elana’s Pantry
Everyday Paleo
Jen’s Gone Paleo
Paleo Parents
Primal Palate

Recipe Books:
Elana’s Pantry – Elana Amsterdam
Everyday Paleo – Sarah Fragoso
Paleo Comfort Foods – Julie and Charles Mayfield
Make it Paleo – Haley Mason and Bill Staley
Well Fed – Melissa Joulwan