Nadine Grzeskowiak

Musings & Truths From the Gluten Free RN EP073

‘Know your own truth and let that guide you.’

How do you cut through the noise and misinformation around gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in order to make the best choices for your health and happiness? By tapping into your intuition and asking WHY when the answers don’t feel right—and reaching out to the right people for support when you need it.

Today, the Gluten Free RN is sharing her Top 10 Musings and Truths for health and wellbeing, empowering you to be self-protective and surround yourself with the people who genuinely care enough to speak up for—and with you. She shares the value in setting goals for your physical and mental health and taking your power back from the people who may have victimized you in the past.

Nadine also encourages you to get educated and engage in critical thinking, questioning the information you are given and saying ‘no’ to anyone who suggests you eat gluten—even if they happen to be a doctor. Listen in to understand the idea that ‘you are your own experiment’ and learn to be the healthiest YOU you can be by committing to a 100% gluten-free diet!

What’s Discussed:

  1. Commit to being 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and ideally Paleo
  • Focus on diet change for first year so intestines can heal
  1. Be self-protective
  • Lose people who aren’t supportive
  1. Find your tribe
  • People who speak up for/with you, willing to change diet
  1. Set goals for what you want your life to look like
  • Write down objectives to make real, move in that direction
  1. Be powerful (even if you don’t feel it)
  • Speak up and take power back, don’t be victim
  1. Get educated and educate others
  • Go to conferences, read and do research
  1. Don’t believe everything you hear, read or say
  • Get answers to questions, then question the answers (ask WHY)
  1. Don’t eat gluten for anyone
  • Not for friends/family, doctors or research study
  1. Be the healthiest YOU, you can be
  • Strive for MORE health, fun, good food and information
  1. You are your own experiment
  • Reassess and apply new information as needs change, work with team

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Dough Nation: A Nurse’s Memoir of Celiac Disease from Missed Diagnosis to Food and Heal

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