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Nadine is a 'food is medicine’ activist and is very proud of her work to educate all people about the power of food in health and wellness. Nadine is an expert consultant, professional speaker with over 1500 lectures to date, author of DOUGH NATION: A Nurse's Memoir of Celiac Disease From Missed Diagnosis to Food and Health Activism, podcaster, mom and former emergency/trauma/critical care nurse. Nadine is co-authoring her next book on the science of celiac disease.


Gluten Free in Paradise: Tahiti & the Society Islands

Join the Gluten Free RN in paradise for a 7 night cruise in Tahiti & the Society Islands beginning July 20, 2019 aboard the m/s...

/ October 8, 2018
Cruise the Rhine aboard the AmaKristina

7-night Enchanting Rhine Cruise

Cruise the Rhine River with the Gluten Free RN in August, 2019!

/ October 8, 2018

Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Celiac Disease EP069

Your gastrointestinal tract is approximately 30 feet long, and it runs from your mouth all the way to the anus! We know that celiac disease...

/ April 27, 2018

Why No Dairy on a Gluten-Free Diet? EP068

If you’re just getting used to eliminating gluten from your diet, it may feel like a burden to remove dairy as well—especially if you’re a...

/ April 20, 2018

Indigenous Populations, Celiac Disease and NCGS EP067

‘Globally, indigenous peoples suffer from poorer health, are more likely to experience disability and reduced quality of life, and ultimately die younger than their non-indigenous...

/ April 13, 2018

What & Where I Eat: A Q&A on Re-Find Health

I recently had the pleasure of answering a few questions on Re-Find Health about how I handle eating out at restaurants as well as what...

/ April 8, 2018

How to Easily Go Gluten-Free or Paleo EP066

‘It’s too hard.’ ‘It’s too expensive.’ ‘It’s time-consuming.’ ‘My family won’t support me.’ There are lots of excuses why you can’t go gluten-free or Paleo,...

/ April 7, 2018

Russia and Celiac Disease EP065

As stories about Russia continue to dominate the news cycle, you are probably familiar with the recent sanctions against the country, Vladimir Putin’s reelection, and...

/ March 30, 2018

Review of Colombia University Celiac Disease Conference 2018 EP064

When faced with new information, it’s important to consider the source. Stop for a moment and examine whether the material is coming from someone with...

/ March 23, 2018

Poland and Celiac Disease EP063

To pierogi or not to pierogi… If you have celiac disease, there is no question that you should avoid anything made with flour or grains,...

/ March 9, 2018