Paleo Indulgences Review

Tammy Credicott has done it again!

After months of eating our way through The Healthy Gluten Free Life, Tammy Credicott has come out with yet another extraordinary cookbook. Paleo Indulgences is filled with both savory and sweet Paleo recipes that are sure to satisfy the entire family.

Tammy and her husband Cain were actually the first ones to educate the Gluten Free RN office about the benefits of a Paleo diet. Over 18 months ago their words of wisdom helped us get started on our Paleo journey. We have not only had huge strides in our health, we have gone on to help others discover the benefits of eating whole real food. So, we were extremely delighted to receive our copy of Paleo Indulgences at the office.

We usually eat about 80-90% Paleo, eating as much grass fed beef and farmer’s market produce as we can. However, every once in awhile we do still enjoy our gluten free, dairy free baked goods. When we do decide to indulge it is always a bonus if those treats are not only dairy and gluten free but also grain, soy, and sugar free. This is where Paleo Indulgences comes in. It is chalked full with tons of Paleo friendly treats along with an abundance of savory recipes.

Paleo Indulgences is just as beautiful and remarkable as The Healthy GF Life:

  • The introduction gives a fantastic brief but thorough overview of what a Paleo diet entails and a run down on protein, fats, sweeteners, grains, etc.
  • The organization is amazing, from a picture table of contents to an ingredient index. Every recipe book needs to take note of Tammy’s genius organization techniques.
  • The photos are striking. I personally cannot stand when cookbooks do not have pictures. Paleo Indulgences includes a stunning photograph to go with every recipe… I have spent a good amount of time drooling over them.
  • This is not just another meat and broccoli Paleo cookbook. All of the recipes are unique and creative.

The recipes I have tried so far are the Slow-Cooker BBQ Beef, the Mandarin Chicken, and the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. Everything has turned out incredible and I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of the book.

If you are new to Paleo, a Paleo connoisseur, or even if you haven’t crossed the Paleo path, get this cookbook. You will NOT be disappointed.

Thanks Tammy once again, for keeping us happy, healthy, and full!

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