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Gluten Free in Paradise: Tahiti & the Society Islands

Join the Gluten Free RN in paradise for a 7 night cruise in Tahiti & the Society Islands beginning July 20, 2019 aboard the m/s...

/ October 8, 2018
Cruise the Rhine aboard the AmaKristina

7-night Enchanting Rhine Cruise

Cruise the Rhine River with the Gluten Free RN in August, 2019!

/ October 8, 2018

Eric’s Story

Here’s something a little bit different for this challenge: me interviewing my own brother.  Before we launch into it, let me tell you how things...

/ March 7, 2016

10 Reasons to Get Involved with Your Gluten Free Community

Studies have shown that celiac disease/gluten intolerant patients do better, and stay healthier, when they are involved with a gluten free community. 1. Money –...

/ March 7, 2016

GF Travel in Europe

We received these recommendations from one of our readers who recently traveled throughout Europe. Her advice is useful to anyone with gluten intolerance traveling in...

/ October 19, 2015

ADA: Celiac & Gluten

What is the ADA? “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law that gives protections to individuals with disabilities similar to...

/ October 19, 2015

Wheat Germ Oil

Gluten Free but not Wheat Free? It is well known in the gluten free community that wheat free does not always mean gluten free. However,...

/ October 19, 2015

Where is Gluten Hiding in Your Life

We live in America and gluten is everywhere! Below are just a few of the places gluten can hide… Your Significant Other: Can you get...

/ October 19, 2015

Gluten Free Cosmetics

Say Goodbye To Your Gluten Filled Makeup Bag Do you really need to worry about health and beauty products such as shampoo and hair spray?...

/ October 19, 2015

Enjoying the Holidays Gluten Free

Eating gluten free can sometimes be a challenge during the holiday season. From mother-in-laws to failed recipe attempts many people find themselves overwhelmed and often...

/ October 18, 2015